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Our club is big on family and fun, we uphold the value and engage in the global projects of Rotary, but we are nothing like your grandad’s community service club. Our meetings are low tradition – no dinner, no weird handshakes, and generally not much formality (yes it does get a bit noisy).

Our diverse group includes mums, small business owners, professionals and a few lucky retirees. We have a pretty even split of female / male split, and quite a few families as joint members or as active participants at all events. Claire is our youngest member and was literally born into Rotary: Charter President Kim was 8 1/2 months pregnant when our club was officially recognised as an operational Rotary Club. 

Each of us are focussed on giving what they can, when they can, utilising skills and talents to do some seriously good stuff in our community.

Many of us can’t make the weekly commitment, but are actively engaged in the various project committees. Some of our members are frequent travelers so keep up with club activities via our private facebook group, whatsapp chat or connect to meetings via Zoom; other members have businesses or roles that make it hard to get to meetings but you’ll see their name down on the volunteer list every time. 

We are all here to make a difference in the best way we can.

It’s not hard, it’s just what we do.

District 9820


$250  |  $460

individuals  |  couples


various community groups  |  Rotary International  |  End Polio  |  International Projects  |  Local Community Projects

Areas of Focus:

Mental Health