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Why did you join Rotary?

kim schroder

Kim –  throughout my working life I have always held a position that involved helping people and I have worked with Foundations to assist people all around the world.  When I bought a house and moved back to Frankston to start a family, I wanted to continue this work in the community and found that this new Rotary club was exactly what I wanted to be involved in.  I love that we can use the strong background that Rotary has created over many many years to give back to so many people in local and international communities, but do it in a new way that allows for our busy lifestyle.  

I have three young children so don’t have a whole lot of spare time, but I love that our club allows me to still impact in such a large way.  To be surrounded by others that volunteer their time to help others really makes me feel so great and I get that warm and fuzzy feeling so often.  I hope that I can pass on these great values to my kids as they grow and that they will want to be part of such an inspiring organisation too.

Charter President 2013 – 14


I have always enjoyed helping other people as I feel you get so much more out of giving than you ever give. Eight years ago i was asked to join this amazing organisation called Rotary and it has taken me to places and given me the opportunity to get involved in projects that I wouldn’t have been able to on my own. I have met some awesome people along the way that are like minded and lots of fun to be around and together we have helped a diverse range of people and communities along the way.

Founding Member; Past president Rotary Frankston

russRussell– My wife has been involved in Rotary for many years and I have always supported her in the projects that her club was involved in and enjoyed the fellowship at the social events. When the new club was chartered it was more flexible with membership criteria and I decided that I would love to join official Rotary member. I have met some great new friends and really enjoy the social events the club has held so far.

Founding Member

linda reeve

Linda  My original reason for joining originally was the opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way, that still fits in with a hectic family and work life. I discovered the club meetings were relaxed but productive and created real outcomes for the various projects, plus I met a bunch of interesting friends. From my very first meeting I was hooked.  Since then I had enormous fun working on some amazing projects with new friends. And I can’t wait to get stuck into the new projects that are coming up.

Past President 2014 – 15; Founding Member


John –  It’s imperative to me that I wake up and provide balance in a world not so stable yet in my mind full of excitement and possibilities, if my mind set is to share, be positive and where possible show that I’m a good person and in paying it forward make a difference in that l have I shared my experience, have I helped others, all without payment nor return, then to pay it forward is to volunteer.  To volunteer is to be proud and in turn I’m proud to be part of Rotary peninsula 2.0 fulfilling  assistance where we can.

Past President 2015 – 16; Founding Member

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ann cousins

Ann – I have always had a passion for community service projects and caring about people.  Throughout my life I have belonged to different organizations, voluntarily and professionally.  Being a member of Rotary I can be useful in my community and meet some very interesting people with similar interests.  I was attracted by the modern format of this club too. Being a charter member is a bonus as well. I can have input into activities from the beginning and contribute to moulding the character of the club.

Founding Member

nigel cousins

Nigel – I joined because I recognised in this club an opportunity to do something useful and challenging. Peninsula 2.0 is different because it is new and exciting. I want to spend my time with people who are successful, effective, relevant and interesting. I want to do things that I enjoy and learn from. Rotary offers us opportunities to contribute and lead in areas that benefit both the members and the community.  Rotary is a lot of fun.

President 2016 – 17; Founding Member