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Rotary Peninsula 2.0 has a range of key community projects (see below) plus we are involved in a wide range of other service projects and a few fun internal club activities.

Want to get involved with one our projects?  

If you are community minded, live or work in and around Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, and have a soft spot for friends, charity and enlightenment – contact us and come along to one of our meetings.

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Registrations open, Unveiling Ceremony is in March – please check for latest information.  Unveiling will be for the previous calendar year.

Commemorate birth with a living monument

Rotary Peninsula 2.0 will plant one tree each year at Montague Park to commemorate the birth of children born in the Frankston community.  A plaque with the name and birth date of each registered child will be placed at the base of the tree, with an Unveiling Ceremony each year.

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The Fun Run is run by volunteers with 100% of money raised going back into the community.

2Km Childrens Run, 5 & 10Km Run, 5Km Walk.  Family prices available.

We have now introduced a TEAM award – based on the number of Km your whole team contributes so even those doing the 2Km will add to your score.

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RYLA is a three day residential high energy program supporting and developing young leaders between the ages of 18 and 30.
RYLA recognises, encourages and educates current and future leaders through this intensive leadership training experience.
Participants are selected for their demonstrated leadership potential in scholastic, athletic and civic activities.
We aim to send the Rylarians home better equipped to face the world by developing skills, understanding and confidence during their RYLA experience.

Read more  and keep up with the latest news on our facebook page

Duck Derby


Did you know that the way ducks have adapted to get some good shut-eye while still keeping a look out for potential danger? 

Ducks close one eye in order to put half their brain to sleep while keeping the other eye open and the other half of their brain awake and alert! Mesmerising stuff!


At Frankston Promenade in February at The Waterfront Festival and this year there is a new crowd pleaser! 

Peninsula Rotary 2.0 will be hosting the Kananook Duck Derby, Sponsored by Harbour Frankston, the proceeds will support local community organisations. 

On Saturday at 2:30 pm, the Rotary Club will be releasing 1200 numbered rubber duckies into Kananook Creek from the footbridge at the end of Playne Street and they will race to a collection point near Frankston Boat Hire near Davey Street. Some may go swimmingly and others might go upside down and float upstream being less aerodynamic; who knows! However, it will be worth checking out the place-getters as there are some seriously great prizes! 

First duck to be scooped from the line will win a $1000 Karingal Hub shopping voucher. 

Learn more about Duck Derby here, or catch up on the latest news on the facebook page