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Seaford Wetlands Fun Run

Run on the LAST SUNDAY of November each year.

The Fun Run is run by volunteers with 100% of money raised going back into the community.

2Km Childrens Run, 5 & 10Km Run, 5Km Walk.  

Our 80+ wonderful volunteers get started nice and early to be ready to make it great day for our participants, with our variety of food and interest stalls adding to a fun day.

The competitors enjoy a warm up before setting off.  Each participant receives a medal that was specially designed by a student at Seaford North Primary School.
The logo on our tops was also created by a student competition at the Primary School, something we do each year.

The track is flat and sealed so weather should not cause an issue, so far we have experience very nice sunny mornings.  

This annual event has been a huge success, but most importantly, a great fundraising result for Kindred Clubhouse, with contributions to Seaford Little Athletics Club, Seaford North Primary, Frankston SES and a range of others in need.

Now a fully established Fun Run with a large following of regular participants.

The start/finish line all of a sudden seemed quite empty, it wasn’t long before we were congratulating our runners as they crossed the finish line.  

Presenations take place around 11am.  Many competitors are awarded with trophies and we congratulate everyone on their efforts. (thanks to Tomato Timing).

Each year has been a huge success, but most importantly, a great fundraising result for Kindred Clubhouse

In the meantime, please lock in the last Sunday of November as that is when we typically run our event.

Below is a list of our recent sponsors.

Club Project


from $25

for participants


Kindred Clubhouse  |  SES  |  Seaford North Primary School |  local community groups

Area of Focus:

Youth & Families

Here is a lovely letter we did receive recently:

Dear Peninsula Rotary

Thank you for a most enjoyable and worthwhile event.  Possibly the most well organized I have ever seen in my 44 years of running hundreds of formal races and fun runs. I believe that you will see a thousand people should you have the energy to arrange this next year.  Every minute detail and communication was excellent. Even the Line Dancing was a great idea to provide fun for participants or supporters. Every person who was even slightly involved should be congratulated and proud to have given their time.  The Course was “Formula 1”, the grass safety of all who may fall at the start, the lack of traffic, the shade, the good direction, the very professional timing process and I am sure the accuracy, leave many other fun runs behind.

The great cause you chose to support made people glad to “donate”. The entertainment and facilities after the event were delightful. The acknowledgement of contributors (eg my son’s IGA, and others, such as Aspendale Medals) and sponsors was well done by announcers.

My grandchildren and my son and his partner all competed with me. This was a wonderful day in my life. All the children who attended your great day will be mentally uplifted by their beautiful social and physical experience that day.

They will be seeking higher value activities for the rest of their lives as a consequence of your event as a standard of what a good day actually encompasses. The whole community of Seaford can look proudly at itself for

this stunning presentation of the quality of their beautiful environment, school, generosity, health aspirations and decency. The first ever Seaford Fun Run.  

My good friend, David Foskey, drove from Malvern, loved the day, and he had promoted the event on the Melbourne Marathon Spartans Website. Thank you, every one of you.

Wayne Thompson.