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TAC Breathalyser


Team Leader: Trudy Poole

Team Members: Doug Thring, Alan Soderlund

We have applied for a mobile breath testing facility which can be taken out to events in the community where alcohol is served.  This will educate the public and their blood alcohol content will inform a patron of his fitness to drive after drinking.


There is a need to change certain attitudes and behaviors and to deliver improved road safety and active transport options.  To help build this strong partnership between the community, road safety partners and Council we are applying for a mobile breathometer trailer.  There will be a central booking office held by one of the Rotarians and delivered to the event. We are requesting support from TAC to fund the trailer for the instruments to be mounted on.  We have got a verbal quote of approx $8,000.



25th Jul 2014: The TAC have changed some of the criteria of the application so we have been asked to add some additional information and reapply by the middle of August.

29th May 2014: still waiting for response from application

17th Apr 2014: application form sent along with strong letter of support form chief police inspector for the Mornington Peninsula

18th Mar 2014: waiting on letters of recommendation for the application

2nd Feb 2014: working on the application form to submit; ask Cluster clubs if want to join forces

 21st Jan 2014: visit Sunrise club who had a guest speaker about the TAC project; decided that we would apply for a mobile unit on a trailer to use at a variety of festivals / events on the Peninsula






– tell us about events / festivals on the Mornington Peninsula that you would like to see the mobile breathalyser at

– help us man the trailer at festivals / events