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We don’t just turn sausages, but when we do – we are awesome!

Our BBQ Crew is a snagalicious bunch of club members and friends.

Sometimes you will see our Crew at Bunnings nourishing the hungry handy men /women, maybe you’ve spotted them at Iron Man feeding the crowd and volunteers, sometimes you’ll see the team at any number of Community events.


Why do we man the BBQ’s?

Our BBQ Crew are hard at work fundraising for our Community Service projects. You can be confident that every sausage you buy will make a difference to the community.


What else do you do apart from turning sausages?

We are involved in a range of projects (click here to read more), some big like our annual Fun Run in November, some smaller projects like supporting the Derinya HPV team or packing baskets for mums-to-be through The Babes Project.

We also have ongoing community partnerships that involve providing various resources, something that may be financial support, sometimes it will be manpower or utilising the range of professional skills within our club. Our community partnerships include the Frankston City Council where we work with different agencies in a number of different ways.


I’ve seen the Rotary BBQ’s at other events, and it always seems to be old guys in aprons. Is that what Rotary is?


Rotary peninsula 2.0 is an inter-generational club with a focus on Youth issues.  We are people who want to help the community, and do so in a fast paced, no frills kind of way that allows us to just get things done!


Can I BBQ too?


We love having new faces on the crew, contact us to and we’ll put you on the list.


Do I need specialist BBQ skills?

Yes – our crew all specialise in Friendly Smiles, Dad Jokes, Community Spirit, and Fun. Some of the crew have developed their skills further, on the team we have Head Sausage Chef’s, Onion Placement Officers, Financiers (you will recognise these guys as they have the biggest smiles as they take your donation), additionally you will find Drink Boys (which are often girls …), and we can’t function without our Napkin Location Manager (usually works closely with the Bread & Sausage Orientation team).

We run regular training sessions for new Crew members. These usually take place as you are tying on your apron at the start of your shift.


Can you outline the remuneration, rewards and benefits?

All fund raised go to our community projects, check with a team member on the day. Each Crew member enjoys a free sausage for their labours, and the unlimited benefit of knowing they are making a difference to someone life one sausage at a time.


I can’t make it to the BBQ’s – too busy / have kids at sport / work / or similar – what else can I do?

Preparation is always a big part of our success – can you help out with onion chopping? Sausage collection & delivery?

Do you know someone who could do a deal on the purchases?

Maybe another project will allow you the wonderful opportunity of giving back to your community, but fist in with your life and skills. Check out our projects page or drop us a line to find out where you fit.


So, you sound like you would fit perfectly into our BBQ Crew – when are you starting?

Click here to contact us!